April 2018

LIFE- TRIALKYL was presented during the event “MATERIALS MEET THE BUSINESS”, an event promoted by MATERIAL CONNEXION ITALIA.
Whatever is the manufacturing segment it belongs to, an innovative product requires the most suitable material to explicate the predicted and demanded functionalities. New esthetics as well as new functionalities and high performance require innovative plastic materials in line with the sustainability and circular economy based requirements. LIFE-Trialkyl phosphites meet many of the requested requirements by the plastics industry and this is why we embraced the invitation by Material Connexion, a global leading authority in materials innovation, to participate to the event “MATERIALS MEET BUSINESS”, an opportunity to present the added values of LIFE-TRIALKYL objectives and to catch the interest by the plastic transformation industry. The event, which took place on the 11th April 2018 made it possible to meet and open new scenarios in the usage of the new generation of trialkyl phosphites in the regenerated plastics and in the secondary raw materials range.
Several major players of the segment were presenting their solutions and opportunities as well, such as DOMO Chemicals (www.domochemicals.com, a unique integrated nylon 6 player, globally active in the field of nylon 6 intermediates, resins, engineering plastics, fertilizers, engineering plastics, packaging film and distribution of petrochemical products); Gabriel Chemie (www.gabriel-chemie.com, a major global player in masterbatch production) and LUXORO (www.luxoro.it, kurz foiling and plastic films surface treatment).
Among the audience, SAFFILO, ARTSANA, LUXOTTICA, ELTEK, KNOLL, OKINAWA, SAMSUNG, LIGO ELECTRIC for a total presence of 60 operators.
High interest was shown by the audience, with special reference to PVC application and following individual meetings are in progress in relation to it.
LIFE-Trialkyl project team was represented by Matteo Iorio, Innovation analyst manager of the BEYOND INNOVATION DEPARTMENT of Italmatch Chemicals Group and Maria Cristina Pasi, Project Coordinator and lecturer at the event.
Following the invitation flyer and some pictures of the event.

Invitation Flyer


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