September 2017

The LIFE-Trialkyl Mid-Term Conference was organized in Arese on 27th June 2017, in order to present the first results of the LIFE-Trialkyl Project to Competent Authorities, potential stakeholders and other LIFE Projects, involved in similar themes.

The Mid-Term Conference was the opportunity to deep LIFE-Trialkyl Project acknowledgement and mainly to visit the Pilot Plant located in Italmatch Chemicals Arese venue. The choice to hold the conference in Centro Civico di Arese was undertaken for institutional reasons, logistic reasons and also for local relations, always with a particular attention to budget control.
For institutional reasons, it was decided to emphasize the two part of the event in two different times and spaces. The first part was a moment of in-depth analysis, totally dedicated to highlight contents, aspects and implication of the Project held in a location-symbol of study and dialogue as Centro Civico Agorà, located in the heart of Arese town. The second part of the event, more specialized and demonstrative, was held directly in Italmatch Chemicals Arese plant which hosts the Pilot.
The Mid-Term Conference has been the opportunity to strengthen Community Relations with Arese town and to involve local institutions in the Project dissemination, also because the positive environmental consequences of the Project might have positive returns on the same territory as well. This choice was very appreciated by the Mayor, Michela Palestra who attended the whole conference.
After the Conference, the Participants moved to Italmatch site to visit the pilot plant.

Following some comments of the speakers about the event:
• “The Mid-Term Conference helped SusChem Italy in strengthening the cooperation among European Platforms. The event was important to show an Italian best practice toward the European stakeholders: thanks to this project, chemical industry could demonstrate its role and commitments in innovation and sustainability”, Dania Della Giovanna, Federchimica/SusChem Italy
• “The European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform, ESPP, stimulates the sustainable use of phosphorus in agriculture and industry. In this respect, we were happy to learn about the progress made in the LIFE-Trialkyl Mid-Term Conference in Arese, June 2017. We believe that this project, under development at our member company Italmatch, will contribute to the sustainable and environmentally benign use of phosphorus in industry, and bring back the production of an important class of phosphorus compounds to the EU”, Willem Schipper, ESPP
• “Difficult not to find a link between chemistry and water in a time in which it is more and more essential to push for a 360° water policy integration into the urban, industrial and rural contexts. Moreover, the EU networking activities and the dissemination of the Projects’ content, in view of the future exploitation of the results, are strongly recommended by EASME and it is a custom within the WSSTP. The Close to Market (C2M) concept is a pillar of the EU Financing rules and definitively LIFE-TRIALKYL meets all these purposes as shown by the heterogeneity of the audience and the interesting arisen discussions”, Maria Cristina Pasi, WSSTP
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