June 2016


The LIFE-Trialkyl team, represented by the project coordinator, Maria Cristina Pasi, and the project leader Italmatch chemicals SpA,  participated to the annual  Water Innovation Europe congress, held in Brussels  on the 21-23 June 2016.

The scope of this action was the kick off  of the EU networking activities with the potential stakeholders and the International Policy makers to be involved in the future steps of the project.

SUSCHEM /CEFIC Europe, represented by Henk Pool, Innovation manager,  and WssTP, the EU water platform, represented by Maria Mirachtsi, Communication manager, showed their interest in the project objectives and will be contacted  by our Communication partner SC Sviluppo Chimica S.p.A.- for the future  activities at national and international level.

As a fact LIFE-Trialkyl has a strong and significant impact on the European Water Agenda within the sustainable chemistry section. In fact, the LIFE-Trialkyl project will represent an important innovation reducing the energy and water consumption, and using more sustainable chemicals. In details, about 20% of energy consumption is reduced in the process, the usage of dangerous chemicals is avoided with respect to the state-of-the-art of the project by using simpler precursor and reducing waste up to 100%. Moreover, the water absence in the chemical production in this project is the most relevant aspect for the European Water Agenda. Indeed, no water will be utilized and no contaminated wastewater will be generated.

WssTP-official-logo-96x96 For more information on the European Water Platform: www.wsstp.eu