The Partners

LIFE–Trialkyl is coordinated by Italmatch Chemicals S.p.A. and actively supported by the below reported associated beneficiaries.

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Italmatch Chemicals

Italmatch Chemicals S.p.A. is a Global Specialty Chemical Group, with leadership in Lubricant, Water & Oil, Detergents, Plastics Additives, Markets and Technology leadership in Phosphorus Derivatives (both Organic and Inorganic), Polymers, Esters and Chlorides, from Synthetic to fully natural products. It has five manufacturing plants mainly located in Europe (Italy, Spain, Germany and UK). It has a long term view and approach in relation to both Customers and Suppliers, and has its strength in commitment and capability to deliver the most demanding technical or logistic tasks, often in conjunction with its major Partners. A leading innovative company focused on an implementing dynamic development strategy at global level  on a common base that is R&D and industrial technology innovation: pillars for the present and the future.

Carlini Martina

Martina Carlini

Project Manager








SC Sviluppo Chimica

SC Sviluppo chimica S.p.A. is a service company totally owned by Federchimica, the Italian Federation of the Chemical Industry, that is a member of Confindustria, the General Confederation of the Italian Industry, and CEFIC, the European Chemical Industry Council. The primary objectives of the Federchimica Group is the coordination and the protection of the role of the Italian chemical industry as well as the promotion of its development capacity.

Federchimica has 17 Associations which refer in their turn to 42 Product Groups and which groups around 1.400 companies. The aim of the Associations is to care for the treatment of problems of specific interest to the associated companies by means of the appropriate types of contributions when it is necessary. Each Association has autonomous responsibility within the sphere of Federchimica. SC aims at supporting on a commercial basis the competitiveness of the whole Chemical Industry, fostering the improvement of the “operational excellence” of the associated Companies with particular focus to Energy, Innovation, R&D and environmental performance.

Chiara Monaco

Communication & P.R. Junior Manager





RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB is the national institute for technical evaluation, research, testing, certification, metrology and calibration and is working closely with large and small companies, universities, institutes of technology and other organisations. RISE’s activities cover a wide technical range, with about 30 technology areas organized in different inter-working technical divisions. We are some 2200 co-workers who base our services on competence, impartiality and international acceptance. RISE’s headquarters are located in Gothenburg on the West Coast of Sweden.

Tove Mali’n

Technical Manager & Project Leader