July 2018

On 28th June 2018, the LIFE-Trialkyl team faced the 3rd Monitoring Visit: the advancements of the Project were presented to the NEEMO representative.
The assembly of equipment has been completed and the project is now progressing according to the new time-plan: the closure of the project has been officially postponed to 16th July 2019.
The Partners scheduled a set of activities in order to select the most promising parameters and finalise the fine-tuning of the process shortly.
This was the occasion also to launch the start of pilot plant activities, that after the foreseen start-up period, will about to start its standard phase.
The Life Cycle and Socio-economic assessments results will be presented at the end of the LIFE- Trialkyl Project: these two types of benefits represent an important feature to ensure the industrial exploitation of the prototype, which will be the most effective way to ensure the wide replication of the project results and its sustainability.
All Partners attended the meeting by presence or by conference call.