March 2019

The LIFE-Trialkyl market survey is ready. Please give us your contribution!

The LIFE- Trialkyl team prepared a market research survey to better tune the new eco-friendly production with the market trends.

The market analysis will be important not only in terms of return of investment forecasts but also in terms of improvement of environmental impact and sustainability.

Trialkyl phosphites are used to manufacture plastics stabilizing additives as well as agrochemicals.

They are an important example of key intermediates used in the chemical industry in a large variety of applications, to make:

  • flame retardants and fire resistant materials
  • stabilizers for pvc
  • organophosphorus herbicides and pesticides (such as monocrotophos and ddvp).

Further uses include: dyestuffs, optical brighteners, lubricants and plasticizers for nylons.

The Phenol free novel proposed process in the LIFE-Trialkyl Project opens the way to further application fields.

For this reason, LIFE-Trialkyl team calls for an active contribution, filling in in the market survey and sending it to

The survey is anonymous, but if you are open to give us your details, please accept to open your data to us according to the current legislation and only for being able to contact you for a follow up discussion.


Download the market survey