November 2019

The LIFE-Trialkyl project will attend the “LIFE Platform Meeting on Chemicals” organized in Vilnius (Lithuania) from  27th to 29th November 2019

This meeting amongst LIFE projects and interested parties in the field of chemicals is hosted by “LIFE Fit for REACH”.

The LIFE Platform meeting on Chemicals aims to:

  • Convey strategic feedback and provide input to policy makers in order to advance the planning, implementation and update of relevant EU policies;
  • Promote networking including exchanges of best practices and lessons learnt among ongoing and closed LIFE (as well as other EU-funded) projects, NGOs, and relevant stakeholders (e.g. SMEs, industry, academia, policy makers); and
  • Promote the added value of the LIFE Programme in the field of Chemicals.

It will also showcase the interaction with other policy areas like waste, agriculture, resource efficiency and environment and health, which very often address issues highly relevant to chemicals policy.

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