20th February 2020

Final demonstrative workshop of LIFE-Trialkyl Project

After 5 years of Research and Process technology implementation, Italmatch presents a new sustainable process to produce Tri Alkyl Phosphites. On 20th February 2020, clients and partners met for the final discussion about the project’s results in Italmatch Chemicals plant Arese (Italy).

Workshop agenda:

  • 14:30 – Welcome and opening of the final dimonstrative workshop

Sergio Generali, Project Director, Italmatch Chemicals SpA

Maria Cristina Pasi, Project Coordinator, Italmatch Chemicals SpA

  • 14:40 – “The LIFE-Trialkyl Project: a highly innovative chemical process”

Maria Cristina Pasi, Project Coordinator, Italmatch Chemicals SpA

Chiara Monti, R&D and Innovation Manager, Italmatch Chemicals SpA

  • 14:50 – “The environmental impact of the LIFE-Trialkyl Project”

Brigit Brunklaus, RiSE (Research Institutes of Sweden)

  • 15:00 – Pilot line run demonstration

Sergio Generali, Project Director, Italmatch Chemicals SpA

Michele Russi, Production Manager, Italmatch Chemicals SpA

Domenico Laratta, Production LIFE, Italmatch Chemicals SpA

  • 16:30 – Closing speech and Q&A

Maria Cristina Pasi, Project Coordinator, Italmatch Chemicals SpA

Clients and partners then joined the discussion about market impacts from LIFE-Trialkyl project and future development of the technology.

Some of participants’ comments about the project:

”As a company that owns processes based on ammonium chloride, we are interested in the volume and cost of this by-products, based also on production forecasts with the various scale-up steps planned. The purity and type of impurities present are very important for the commercialization of NH4CL”.
Edoardo Guerrini – Engitec

”Congratulations on having succeeded in collaborating with the European Community and achieving the objectives set.”
Giusita Bernazzani – Engitec

”I think this Life project is very useful and interesting precisely from an ethical and sustainability point of view, given the need to eliminate in an increasingly predominant way all substances harmful to humans and the environment. I hope for a concrete development”
Patrizia Rosati – Lanartex

”This is a very interesting installation. The complexity of the plant has been developed by bringing know-how and R&D. Iit is evidently the fruitful result between research and industrial development”.
Girolamo D’Agostino – Moresens

”Very interesting project from the point of view of design and construction, as it is a new plant. During the explanation of the project it was perceived the great teamwork done during the 48 months”.
William Balzi – DOCCHEM

Watch the video of the Final demonstrative workshop

Agenda and presentations of the day are available here