After LIFE

The “after LIFE” activities include all the diversified applications of the Project’s objectives and involve the selected stakeholders from local and global regions within the different sectors.

During the LIFE- Trialkyl Project, an after LIFE plan was developed, starting from the initial steps of the project and mainly based on a deep networking activity at domestic and European level. The purpose of this action was to establish links with similar LIFE and/or other European and national initiatives to increase consistently the project’s results impact on the society of the European citizens by:

  • cross fertilization actions
  • communication actions
  • stewardship actions
  • joint partnerships and collaborations with specific stakeholders.

As a fact R&D and innovation actions take advantage from well-organised and successful communication with related key actors to facilitate a successful market entry. Therefore the present action was devoted to the networking activities with past and on-going EU funded project (collection of relevant information or feedback from these consortia) as well as with the key actors in the sectorial industrial European platforms by a direct continuous involvement in activities like:

  • exchanging public deliverables, and main achievements, through the dissemination campaign (e.g. newsletters, brochures);
  • invited talks at project conferences and workshops;
  • sharing of projects’ logos on consortia websites;
  • potential joint activities whenever the consortia see potential advances in projects or follow-ups.

To this aim, after a first phase of scouting activities mainly oriented to the selection of the most relevant platforms to interact with, a clear plan was defined that can be summarized by the following scheme including:

  • specific European financed projects
  • sectorial based European platforms as well as
  • european and Domestic relevant Institutions.

All the contacts established deal with

  • the Phosphorus Chemistry;
  • the Water management (Industry-Urban-Agri);
  • the Health and Safety regulatory issues.

In addition, the networking activities and, therefore the networking partners, shall meet four major project’s scopes:

  • the reduction of the environmental impact
  • the improvement of the circular economy concept
  • the innovation in Chemistry as a leverage to increase the European citizens welfare
  • the sustainability evaluation of any process involved

All partners, coherently to their role and activities within the project, were and still are actively involved in networking with other relevant EU projects to maximise the potential benefits and impacts of the LIFE TRIALKYL project and to be positively influenced by other challenging projects in EU. They are participating and will participate directly to the networking actions in line with their company features and SC Sviluppo Chimica acts as a generator of opportunities to facilitate the networking process.

After the project end all the informative documents will be available and distributed to interested parties. The web site will be maintained and the consortium will exploit and disseminate results to the widest possible audience. Moreover, partners will complete the realization of other tools, as foreseen in the After-LIFE Communication Plan.