15th July 2019

The LIFE-Trialkyl project closed on 15th July 2019.

It started on July 2015 and it was a journey not always easy, but very exciting as linked to cleaner process and chemistry.

Thanks to the pilot installed in Italmatch Chemicals plant in Arese, Project Partners demonstrated the environmental benefits coming from the LIFE-Trialkyl new process

The Life Cicle Assessment (LCA) showed that using the LIFE-Trialkyl process instead of the Triethylamine (TEA) based process to produce TMPi is clearly an environmental alternative.

In particular, the comparison of the LIFE-Trialkyl process with the TEA process shows the following results:

  • Reduction of global warming potential: more than 90% (3.14 kg CO2 eq for the LIFE-Trialkyl process and 52.9 kg CO2 eq for the TEA process per kg of TMPi produced);
  • Reduction of energy demand: more than 90% (64.6 MJ for the LIFE-Trialkyl process and 901.6 MJ for the TEA process per kg of TMPi produced);
  • Reduction of water depletion: 60% (16.4 m3 for the LIFE-Trialkyl process and 43.6 m3 for the TEA based process for each kg of TMPi produced);
  • Assuming a state-of-the-art TEA based process to produce 180 ton/year TMPi, 320.000 L/year of wastewater (Italmatch, Carlini 2017) have to be used for the recovery of tertiary amines. This process does not require additional water for the recovery of tertiary amines and the process water is reused and recovered in the pilot plant.

For all the results obtained, we can say that LIFE–Trialkyl was an innovative and challenging project contributing to a sustainable future!

Given this, on the basis of the after LIFE plan developed, partners will go on with networking activities at domestic and European level. The purpose of this action will be to continue establishing links with similar LIFE and/or other European and national initiatives to increase consistently the project’s results impact on the society of the European citizens.

For other information about the Project, download the Layman’s Report.